Monday, April 18, 2011

Instant Dinner

For years, I've seen Dr. Oetker products in the baking and dessert aisles at the supermarket - glazes, flavorings, puddings. But until The Motherhood asked me to participate in a Valentine's Day chat, I had no idea that they made frozen pizza. But they do! And they sent me some to try! For free! On dry ice!

We're on the crunchy side when we come to food, what with making our own bread, and belonging to a CSA, and investing in large quantities of grass fed beef, but I'm not above frozen pizza. Because, sometimes there's just no time to cook. We usually keep the freezer stocked with a couple of emergency pies from Trader Joe's.

The other day, the cupboard was bare, so we cranked the oven and cooked up the two Dr. Oetker pies. One was basically a plain mozzarella pie, the other was spinach. In their still frozen stage, both pies looked as though they'd been partially cooked, and then had additional ingredients added before freezing. For instance, the slices of mozzarella on top of the cheese pie had no evidence of meltage when it came out of the box. The pies were baked at 425°, directly on the oven rack, and weren't bad, weren't bad at all. The crusts were light and cracker-crispy - not as good as the chewy toothiness you'd get at Pepe's but far better than the soggy doughiness you get at your run-of-the-mill slice factory. The cheese pie had nice little flavor blobs of pesto and the mozz got all melty-toasty; the spinach pie was remarkably fresh tasting (and looking). The girl, naturally, refused to try the green pizza, but she loved the cheese pie (and even ate some suspicious-looking pieces of tomato).

Not bad, not bad at all.

And hey, there's a prize pack for one commenter De!! You'll get a cooler bag, a pizza cutter, an apron and some Dr. Oetker coupons. Leave a comment by day's end on Monday 4/25 - U.S. residents only, please, and keep in mind that the Dr. Oetker products aren’t widely available on the West Coast.

Dr. Oetker provided us with the free pizza to try, and I received a stipend for participating in the review and giveaway, and a talk on The Motherhood. This is my honest opinion.


De said...

I'm familiar with the name brand from the organics aisle, but I haven't ever tried them. Like you, it can be nice to have something on hand for emergency meals for the kids (like this week when I've been knocked over from some unholy combination of bronchitis and springtime allergies).

I haven't had a frozen pizza in years, but I pretty much lived on them in my teens.

Allmycke said...

Dr Oetker's frozen pizza is by far the best I can get here in Sweden - and I always have a few on hand for those daysa when cooking a full meal is not an option.

The Library Lady said...

My freezer seldom has room for something like a frozen pizza (oh, for a real freezer) though I used to keep the Elio's boxed variety around when SC was little as she liked it.

Right now in my freezer though there is frozen pizza dough from The Italian Store in Arlington. It's the only place in this area that sells NY pizza by the slice that TASTES like NY pizza. Got to get it out and try it!

thordora said...

Not that I think the coupons would help canadian me, but their pizza is fricken TASTY. THey have a bacon one I LOVE> :D

As a single parent with mostly no time, frozen pizza RULES.

MARY G said...

We get a range of Dr Oetker products in Canada too (not in the running for prize) and I find them very reliable and tasty.
There's a chocolate mousse that makes a perfect emergency dessert.
I've never tried the pizza, but now I may.

Dora said...

Would love to try these. :-)